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About The Practitioner

Jamie Giddings, LMT
Graduate of the SeaCoast Medically Based Massage Program in Manchester, NH in 2005

I believe in holistic, complimentary and alternative care for the whole human who is under the care of any medical system. I provide patient based care through evidence based methods and techniques that are effective and tailored for each patient. I do not believe nor practice cookie cutter massage, each session will be unique just as your needs are unique at each session.  
So many medical systems have fractures between each other and their patients, many often no longer include even basic human touch. the manual therapies, massage and bodywork I offer spans all medical systems and includes all practitioners, and specialties in a patient based care system. 

I am a wife of a ranch manager, a mother of four rambunctious and rowdy boys, a horse trainer and a proud Montanan. I have had my fair share of travels, a huge verity of work experience in and out of massage therapy.I have been a business owner since I was 19 and learned the hard way that making money and having a clean conscience, and a heart are a fine balance and the heart and conscience are far more important than the money. I love each and every patient I have been blessed to work with and look forward to meeting and doing my best to help more people through my exspanding business.  


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